iConstituent’s new GovText Engagement Platform poised for the future

Cloud-based software platform aligned with the future of citizen engagement

Washington, DC, May 11, 2020 – iConstituent’s GovText platform (GovText.us) is the future of constituent engagement.  While COVID-19 brought the trend of one-on-one engagement via electronic communication to the forefront, this was only the latest progression of a larger communication shift.  Citizens are highly engaged but are less likely to respond to traditional messaging platforms, such as TV, Radio, and Townhalls.  Citizens have come to rely on electronic communication, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp to organize grassroots movements.  As an example, during the nomination debate over the Secretary of Education, one congressional leader office tracked 1.3 million attempted calls to their main number, in one day.  In contrast, a typical congressional town hall has less than 50 constituents attending. Electronic communication, such as GovText, is the most effective method for officials to engaging with their constituents, because they can reach out broadly, yet have one-on-one communications with every respondent.

This communication trend is only going to accelerate as Gen Z and Millennials graduate into voters.  These generations are used to communicating most often electronically and have come to expect always-on availability from businesses, government, and their peers.   Engaged citizens have demonstrated their preference for frequent digital communication, versus traditional in-person town halls, which are infrequent, difficult, and costly.  They are going to expect that officials continue to engage on a daily basis via electronic platforms, such as GovText.

“Elected officials need a way to engage with their constituents, and GovText offers a way to communicate both quickly and effectively.  By using a platform where each communication helps develop the big picture, officials can enhance their engagement despite social distancing” said iConstituent’s VP of Sales, Michael Cohen.

GovText is a critical tool for public officials to rapidly engage with their constituents on a one-on-one basis.  Given the diverse demographics of the United States, GovText is ideal for providing pin-point communication with at-risk populations, prioritizing issues, and allowing for critical alerts to be quickly broadcast to the affected population.

With 18 years of experience in citizen engagement, iConstituent provides modern tools for public officials to easily and effectively communicate with their constituents. The company has a complete portfolio of methods for local governments to engage citizens over their key issues. iConstituent is used on a daily basis by Federal, State, and Local governments to map issues, identify concerns, and prioritize their resolution.


Maria Ochoa, Investor Relations