iConstituent’s new GovText Engagement Platform depended on by East Palo Alto – GovText helps communicate to diverse communities


Washington, DC, April 27, 2020 – The City of East Palo Alto is relying on iConstituent’s GovText platform (GovText.us) during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  East Palo Alto has always been a multicultural city with 72% of the population speaking a second language.  GovText provides rapid and focused engagement to diverse communities when traditional communication, such as town hall meetings, is unavailable.

“Elected officials need a rapid way to engage with their constituents, and GovText offers a way to communicate both quickly and effectively.  GovText allows everyone with a cell phone to communicate, one-on-one, with their government, sharing critical information, and keeping people engaged.” Said iConstituent’s VP of Sales and Product Strategy, Michael Cohen.

GovText is providing the City of East Palo Alto with a critical tool to rapidly connect, engage, and respond to citizens.  Given the ethic diversity of the City of East Palo Alto, GovText is ideal for providing pin-point communication with at-risk populations, simplifying case management, and allowing for critical alerts to be quickly broadcast to the affected population.

iConstituent provides innovative engagement tools to public officials and local governments to communicate with their constituents. iConstituent helps local governments identify the key needs of their citizens, creating individualized, synchronized and effective communication flow systems.

Maria Ochoa, Investor Relations


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