iConstituent Launches GovText Engagement Platform and offers free texting services for COVID-19 outreach

To help elected officials, government agencies and school districts engage their constituents in the wake of the COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak, iConstituent is offering free use of its GovText Engagement Platform platform through April 30th, 2020 (up to 5,000 messages). Qualified U.S. federal, state, and local elected officials, governmental agencies, or schools may use iConstituent for outreach activity regarding COVID-19/Coronavirus.

GovText can be used to:

  • Send information and updates about important precautionary measures to at-risk populations; and,
  • Inform citizens on government assistance programs; and,
  • Check in with the elderly population to combat loneliness; and,
  • Send information about COVID-19 testing locations and protocols; and,
  • Seamlessly connect to telephone town halls, Facebook Live, YouTube events.

GovText is different because it sends outbound texts rapidly without requiring staff resources. Texts still come from a local area code and our platform provides full support for instant two-way conversations with constituents.

iConstituent’s GovText Engagement Platform is specifically designed and built for government use. Using GovText, government entities can quickly connect, engage and respond with its citizens in a hyper-personalized, one to one, way. iConstituent is used by Federal, State and Local government with offices in Washington, DC and Los Angeles, CA.

Any qualified entity can get started today by visiting GovText.us.

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