On the road with Jeff Green, iConstituent’s CTO


“Talk to one user – start jumping to a solution; talk to five+ users – start understanding the problem” – Luke Wroblewski, Google

You expect amazing customer service wherever you go today. Ever buy a pair of shoes from Zappos, order something from Amazon Prime? Get a ride using Uber? Book a room through AirBnB? The level of personalization, the “one-to-one” relationship from these services is exceptional – and not only because of human touch – but because of great technology.

The customer service you receive from government has to meet the expectations of an ever-connected population, too.

While it’s true that some of government is lagging behind the latest technological innovations, many departments and agencies are getting there; you can find encouraging stories from around the country and across the world of cities using technology to transform their operations (see Bill Eggers’ new “Delivering on Digital” for many examples). Citizen connectivity is the driving factor here – as you and I become more connected and get better and better service from consumer brands, the demand for government to provide personalization and exceptional service increase. Governments must continue to adapt in order to engage with their citizens. I expect tremendous growth in the “Government to Constituent” (G2C) space over the next several years.

For the past several months, I have been on the road with iConstituent’s Chief Technology Officer, Jeff Green. We are listening to and learning from our customers – completely focused on understanding what the market really wants. Our new and laser-focused mission statement at iConstituent is simple and to the point: “Connecting People and Government.” It fuels everything that we do and the core product we make. In line with our mission, iConstituent is rolling out major new enhancements to its flagship CRM that will make a big leap forward in the direction our customers are demanding – helping them provide better service to their customers, citizens like you and me.