Brookhurst Street: Finding inspiration from my past

The exit we took to get to our office.

It seems like ages ago when my business partners and I started our company. One of our first “real” offices (other offices included garages, homes, and wherever else the rent was cheap) was on Brookhurst Street – a spacious office in an old, 50’s era building, not too far from Disneyland. Our neighbors in the building ran very diverse businesses – from call centers to religious cults providing exorcisms; you could hear the screams down the hall. Those were tough days, but we were kept alive by all the enormous possibilities that the Internet promised. Recently, one of my business partners sent me an image of the Brookhurst Street exit. For years, the mere site of this exit gave me a sense of anxiety – a reminder of some very tough times. Now, however, it brings back a some great memories. What I remember most was the tremendous sense innovation, creativity and belief that anyone, even some scrappy entrepreneurs like us, could achieve something great in this new era of technology. So today, this photo of Brookhurst Street sits near my desk, and serves as a constant reminder of the progress we have made at iConstituent!  And a reminder that we can (and will) bring the same drive from our past – innovation and creativity – to improve citizen engagement.