FiscalNote and Congress – Why it’s a “Must Have.”

Well over a year ago, a friend of mine introduced me to the team at FiscalNote. Their business was just getting off the ground then. They introduced me to their product, Prophecy, and I was sold immediately. Essentially, FiscalNote has simplified, streamlined and reinvented bill research and tracking. It didn’t take me long to realize that every Congressional office should be using FiscalNote’s Prophecy. For many Adobe Photoshop PDFCongressional and government staff, bill research is a tedious task – and, made even more difficult due to a general lack of good research tools. Current tools on the market are expensive, so many offices forgo those tools due to tight budgets. FiscalNote changes the game and provides cutting-edge technology, instant access to information, analytical tools, for a fraction of the cost of other competing products. I am proud of iConstituent’s exclusive relationship with FiscalNote in the US Congress. I am highly confident that the FiscalNote team will continue to develop a compelling product that will eventually be used by hundreds of Congressional offices.