2013 in Review

2013 was a rough year for most government focused businesses; the Sequester and government shut down had a negative impact. However, it also pushed many of us to rethink our business model, and to come up with new ways to connect government and people. iConstituent was formed nearly 12 years ago, out of a simple garage in Anaheim, California. No venture financing, just the blood, sweat and tears of its founders. We had developed a simple, but robust, digital contact tool that allowed elected officials to communicate with thousands of constituents, while tracking results and reducing paper mail expenses. It was a simple concept that took a while to catch on. There were some early adopters of the product, but many elected officials today still do not use this system (or competing systems) to efficiently communicate with their constituents – preferring to spend tax dollars on expensive paper mail instead. Despite the challenges of my industry, iConstituent forges ahead with new and innovative ways to connect government and people – I am proud of iConstituent, its hardworking employees and customers. Together, we are pushing American democracy forward by enhancing the dialog between government and people.

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